AFA Skin Peels

AFA skin peels provide the benefits of exfoliation and antioxidants without the level of irritation sometimes associated with other powerful skin care treatments. They can help with skin texture, age spots, sun spots and acne. AFA Skin Peels utilize the power of amino acids to help lock moisture in the skin and protect it against sun damage. Most patients notice visible improvement in their skin very quickly, often within a few days. It is the ideal peel solution for the most Sensitive Skin and Rosacea.

What Are AFAs?

AFA is an acronym that stands for Amino Acid Filaggrin Based Antioxidants. Filaggrin is a type of amino acid naturally produced in the upper layer of the skin to help preserve moisture content. AFA skin peels and skin care products help you to preserve your skin’s moisture content naturally, without the addition of any harsh or irritating chemicals. AFAs are non-photosensitizing and are the most effective at improving photo-pigmentation than any other skin care solution.

AFA Peel is an antioxidant face peel that harnesses the power of amino acids to make your skin look and feel moisturized and glowing. These treatments are done on a weekly or biweekly basis.AFA peels are also known as “The Bride Peel”. Gentle enough to give your skin that glow, the day of your Wedding! For the best results, it is recommended that you complete a series of 4-6 six treatments. Many people opt to have ongoing AFA peels as a part of their regular skin care routine. In addition to this in-office treatment, MC Laser Clinic & Salon offers a series of AFA skin care products so that you can continue your AFA skin care routine at home.

AFA Peel Prices

AFA Peel Single Treatment$100
Series of 4 weekly or bi-weekly treatments$340 ($85 per treatment)
Series of 6 weekly or bi-weekly treatments$480 ($80 per treatment)

What is an AFA Clay-Peel?

The AFA Clay Peel™ is the optimal two-step treatment to significantly improve the appearance of your skin. This advanced skin care formula works best with skin types: combination, oily and acne-prone. Before applying the AFA Clay Peel™, your face will be thoroughly cleansed and dried to remove surface impurities and to prepare your skin for the first application of the AFA Mask.

Step One: The AFA Clay Mask is applied in a thin layer and left on for approximately 5 minutes, then gently removed  with water. The Mask draws impurities and opens up the pores in the skin. This prepares your skin to get the maximum benefits out of the peel step.

Step Two: The AFA Peel is applied to your face for 1-2 minutes, then rinsed off to reveal clearer and brighter skin.

AFA Clay Peel exfoliates and detoxes your skin gently unlike other peels. A series of 4-6 treatments is usually recommended to achieve significant improvements and optimum results. Using the AFA home care products between treatments will help these improvements occur more rapidly, and they can be used after the series of treatments to maintain the results.

AFA Clay-Peel Prices

AFA Clay Peel Single Treatment$125
Series of 4 weekly or bi-weekly treatments$420 ($105 per treatment)
Series of 6 weekly or bi-weekly treatments$570 ($95 per treatment)

Please Note: All prices are subject to change without any notice. All applicable taxes are not included in the price. All prices are quote as per session.

If you’re interested in an AFA peel, contact us today at MC Laser Clinic & Salon. Our certified skin care specialist will work with you to develop a skin care treatment plan that best suits your needs. For more information about AFA peels and skin care services, give us a call today at MC Laser Clinic & Salon.